Raid: Shadow Legends has over 400 champions to train, gear up, and combine for the perfect team. The opportunity to synergize champion skills into a deadly force, compounded by set bonuses, is the game’s strength. But like any tiered system, some champions are arguably better than others, and those who play the game are extremely vocal about which Champions they believe are the best.

We will focus on mid to late-game champions in each faction. Early on in Raid: Shadow Legends, there’s less emphasis on strategy—not that you can’t create your own—and more on beating the AI into submission. As you start to tackle later stages, some game modes will favor certain strategies over others. If you get any of these champions, keep them. They are not fodder. The following list has a few options for each faction, but we’ve also picked one as our favorite, though any we mention below should be considered among the best Champions.

Best Banner Lords Champions

best-banner-lords-champions-in-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

There are four Champions in the Banner Lords that will make absolute mincemeat of any enemy. These are as follows.

Baron: A legendary attack type warrior who uses the void affinity, meaning he has no weaknesses against other affinities. He also increases all ally attack stats by 33%. The only place he’s not perfect is in dungeons.

Raglin: Another legendary warrior who wields the void affinity. They increase all ally defense stats by 33% and are best to use from the mid-game into the late-game.

Septimus: A legendary attack warrior who uses the spirit affinity, which is powerful against all enemies. They increase all ally attack stats by 23% and are generally useful in any type of encounter.

Sethalia: A magic affinity legendary warrior. She’s great at removing negative effects from enemies and boosting your team’s turn meter. She’s also pretty strong in dungeons because she can heal your team or target a single warrior.

Best Barbarian Champions

best-barbarian-champions-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

There are six Champions that are regarded as the best in the Barbarian faction. These are as follows.

Kallia: This legendary Champion has an AoE attack that decimates enemies and can place heal reduction to hinder foes. She’s got a partner Champion that you can use in conjunction with her named Atur, but the pairing isn’t that great compared to what you’d get by adding a different Champion in his place.
Scyl of the Drakes: This magic affinity Barbarian is the best daily login reward you can get in Raid: Shadow Legends. She drops at day 180 and can be used in many teams thanks to her heavy stun abilities. She has passive healing and even a revive, making her best for use in dungeons.
Turvold: This warrior has the void affinity, which we all know automatically makes him incredibly useful. He needs a lot of buffs to unlock his maximum damage, but if you push for it, you can have him dealing 400,000 points in some instances.
Ursuga Warcaller: Another legendary void warrior for the Barbarians. She’s one of the most desirable Champions in the game because she can be transformed into a tank that opens up the rest of your team for dealing huge damage while she just absorbs incoming hits.
Valkyrie: This Champion uses the spirit affinity, perfect for dealing damage against any opposition that also has an affinity. She’s also one of only three Champions that can give her team a counterattack buff. Combined with her defense, she opens up some incredible opportunities for destroying bosses and smaller foes alike.

Warmaiden: This Champion is the only one in the game who can use an AoE that attacks all enemies with the defense decrease debuff. It’s a powerful bow to add to your quiver, and one we’d recommend picking up as early as you can.

Best Dark Elves Champions

best-dark-elves-champions-in-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

There are eleven high-tier champions in the Dark Elves faction that are worth your time. The following list explains why you should aim to have each one.

Blind Seer: A void affinity Champion that isn’t affected by other affinities. Her shield is the main reason you’ll want her, as she’s able to place the block damage buff on her allies and absorb a huge chunk of incoming hits.
Foli: This magic affinity legendary Champion is good-looking and useful. If he has an increased attack buff on him, and the enemy has a decreased defense buff on them, he’s a viable Champion in any situation.
Ghostborn: This spirit affinity Champion has a pretty unique ability in that he can drop the enemy team’s defenses without the need for accuracy. It just happens. The rest of his abilities do require accuracy, but with this power under your belt, you’re likely to use him in most encounters.
Kael: This is one of the best starter Champions in the game. He’s got a decent AoE attack and poison abilities that make him perfect in every mission. Pick him if you’re struggling.
Lanakis the Chosen: A magic affinity Champion that’s one of the few with ally attack. This is a great way to team up your Champions and have them attack as a single unit. He’s perfect for dungeons but will work great anywhere in the game.
Lua: An epic void Champion, Lua is fabulous for one reason, she can demolish an enemy’s turn timer into dust, preventing them from making a move. She’s basically great for clearing foes, which is exactly what you need in any team.
Madame Serris: In addition to looking great, Madame Serris is a void affinity Champion who doesn’t take affinity damage. She’s got the power to remove all buffs from enemies and replace them with defense and attack debuffs, enabling your team to smash its way through anything.
Queen Eva: A spirit affinity Champion, Queen Eva is great for farming the campaign and pushing through dungeons. She’s only good up to mid-game, but that’s still better than most of the Champions you’ll acquire.

Rae: Another magic affinity Champion. The best use for Rae is freezing the entire enemy team, opening them up for heavy damage from anyone else on your team.

Visix the Unbowed: This void affinity Champion takes no affinity debuffs and is easy to acquire from the day 270 login bonus. She’s best in wave-based encounters and can be unstoppable when paired with Scyl of the Drakes.

Zavia: This force affinity legendary Champion is brilliant, but needs a good setup to work well. Her deadly catalyst ability blows up all poisons at once and deals massive damage, annihilating enemies you encounter.

Best Demonspawn Champions

best-demonspawn-champions-in-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

The Demonspawn faction has nine incredible Champions that you’ll want to chase in your journey for superiority. They are as follows.

Candraphon: A force affinity Champion, this guy used to be a meme as the worst Champion ever, but has now been buffed to make him one of the strongest warriors you can get. He’s best used as a nuker, a Champion that you buff and then allow to murder every member of the enemy team.

Duchess Lilitu: This spirit affinity Champion is one of the most useful you’ll come across. She can pretty much hide allies behind her veil and revive anyone that needs it.

Mortu-Macaab: This monster is a spirit affinity Champion with an incredible ability and a decent block buff. He’s best used in the arena when let loose against foes.

Nazana: An epic force affinity Champion with two AoE attacks and an ally protection skill. She’s useful in a stun set but watch her accuracy because she needs it for her attack debuff.

Peydma: A void epic that takes no prisoners. She has one of the strongest decrease attack abilities in Raid: Shadow Legends, and has a 100% chance to apply it to all enemies. There’s not even a challenge with her around.

Prince Kymar: A magic affinity Champion who can blast through dungeons incredibly fast. You can tune his speed to allow him to help everyone on your team and make short work of anything you come up against.

Tyrant Ixlimor: Another magic affinity Champion, known as the best one for killing Spider 20. When used with Miscreated Monster, no dungeon can stand in their way.

Umbral Enchantress: A void affinity Champion who is often overlooked. She can provoke for two turns while invincible, making her perfect for spamming damage against enemies and keeping them from doing anything to you.

Best Dwarves Champions

best-dwarves-in-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

there are five Champions in the Dwarves faction that you need to care about. They are as follows.

Grizzled Jarl: This magic affinity Champion is much stronger than you’d expect. He’s got a heavy hit and a fantastic attack decrease debuff that will help you obliterate enemies.

Maulie Tankard: This Champion is the poster girl for Dwarves and a spirit affinity. She can block, revive, and provoke enemies, making her incredibly powerful in any team’s composition.

Rearguard Sergeant: A force affinity Champion who is a general good all-rounder for any team. She’s best at keeping your team alive and healing them with her block, but she packs a punch too.

Tormin the Cold: This void affinity Champion fears nothing. His ability lets him freeze the enemy team whenever they boost or buff their turn meter. Use this to your advantage and conquer every battle.

Trunda Giltmallet: A magic affinity Champion that hits harder than any other Champion in the game. She can destroy an entire team if buffed correctly. Get her in your team and work out where you want her to be because she’s vital once you’ve seen her in action.

Best High Elves Champions

best-high-elves-champions-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

There are nine very powerful Champions in the High Elves faction. They are as follows.

Apothecary: A fantastic Champion for getting to the endgame. He’s the second-fastest Champion in the game, making him perfect for buffing your speed and helping you best most of the game before you’re in the final stages.

Arbiter: Another great Champion to pick up from the campaign and carry through to the late game. She has a great speed aura that can be combined with her revive ability to help your team through anything.

Belanor: A void legendary Champion that’s best when paired with Zavia. He can hit incredibly hard and deal with teams that try to debuff you on every turn.

Elhain: A strong starter Champion that you can have for your entire journey. Her main benefits are strong debuffs to use on enemies, which are great when you look at them and make them part of your composition.

Lyssandra: A spirit affinity Champion that’s perfect for messing with the turn meter. She has a speed buff and can lower the enemy turn meter to basically ensure you’re always dealing damage or healing.

Royal Huntsman: A spirit affinity Champion who is capable of killing tanks with a single hit. This is the heavy hitter you’re after, even if you don’t know it.

Tayrel: The best epic Champion in the game and a magic affinity. They use a lot of debuffs and that’s really the key to their success.

Thenasil: A force affinity Champion who a good mid-tier support with loads of good stats across the board. Not fabulous for late game, but good enough to use in most content.

Yannica: A spirit affinity Champion that can remove buffs and hit hard when built correctly. You’ve got to make the most of her, but she’ll be incredibly powerful when you’re finished.

Best Knight Revenant Champions

best-knight-revenant-champions-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube Channel

There are seven Champions you should be looking for in the Knight Revenant faction. They are as follows.

Doompriest: A force affinity Champion, she’s capable of cleansing debuffs, making her an essential ally for certain bosses.

Golden Reaper: This void affinity Champion boosts your stats and debuffs the enemy, making her a decent passive to have around.

Miscreated Monster: A Champion with a magic affinity who isn’t afraid to deal damage and protect his team. He’s also got the best skin in the game, which is why many players seek him out.

Sepulcher Sentinel: This force affinity Champion decreases the clan boss attack damage, making them far easier to take hits from. She can also increase your defenses at the right time, meaning you’ll never be exposed to unnecessary damage.

Sinesha: This Champion attacks twice with her ability, and she’s far more lethal once you realize she’s got a force affinity. She’s also a brilliant healer, making her more versatile than many warriors.

Skullcrown: This Champion can wipe out an enemy team and everyone knows it. She’s one of the most sought-after Champions in the game due to her lethality, so get her on your team and worship her.
Soulless: This void affinity Champion is a tank and an absolute beast. He can also create a massive shield around himself that makes him even more difficult to deal with. Definitely worth having just because of how annoying he is for the enemy.

Best Lizardmen Champions

best-lizardmen-champions-in-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

You have five top-tier Champions to pick from with the Lizardmen faction. They are as follows.

Dracomorph: This is one of the most powerful magic affinity Champions in the game. He can decrease defense and weaken enemies simultaneously, a rare power. He also has a multi-hit poison ability, which will decimate enemies.

Fu-Shan: This force affinity lizard has a speed aura and stun ability, making it possible to pin enemies while you hammer away at their health.

Jareg: This magic affinity Champion is one of the best in the game at decreasing defense. He can also protect allies, making him a formidable threat.

Krisk the Ageless: This void affinity Champion is a beast, literally. It has some of the highest stats in the game and comes with so many buffs that it’s unlikely you’ll need anything else.

Rhazin Scarhide: You can switch this Champion between being a highly defensive tank to a hard-hitting DPS in whatever circumstances you need to. Diversity is a strength, especially when it means easy team management.

Best Ogryn Champions

best-ogryn-champions-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

There are seven brilliant Champions in the Ogryn faction to pick from. They are as follows.

Bellower: This fantastic void affinity Champion is brilliant at controlling waves of enemies. You can build him out to be better with crits or generally hit harder, the choice is yours.

Big’Un: This Champion is another one of those hard hitters, obliterating enemies before you really think about them. You could use him solo and he’d be as good as a team.

Grush the Mangler: This spirit affinity Champion is a login reward for day 240, bringing an AoE attack that’s good all-round at eliminating enemies and damage.
Maneater: This void affinity Champion is one of the most desired in the game. He has an ability that makes the entire team unkillable for two turns, which is unheard of elsewhere.
Shamrock: This Champion is an event special, but still good. While there’s no clear area he excels, he’s generally good in a fight and worth picking up.
Skullcrusher: This force affinity Champion has a buff to give the entire team a counterattack. We’ve mentioned in this guide before how powerful it is, and this is your second opportunity to acquire it. Don’t miss out.
War Mother: While she may seem like a meme option, War Mother is an exceptional AoE damage dealer. She will help your death wipe all the enemies you encounter if you give her a chance.

Best Orcs Champions

best-orcs-champions-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

There are five Champions from the Orcs faction you can pick from if you want the best. They are as follows.

Kreela Witch-Arm: With this magic affinity Champion, you can really kick some butt. You’ll need to buff her quite a bit to make the most of her, but it’s worth it.
Robar: This force affinity Champion is another one that can nuke enemy teams. They stand no chance against her might, and it’s a glorious thing to behold.
Vrask: This spirit affinity Champion is the cover Champion for Orcs. His specialty is healing, but it’ll only last you to the middle of the game. After that, you need to use a more powerful healer.

Warlord: This void affinity Champion can lock out enemies for maximum cooldown. This also has a 70% chance to reduce everyone’s turn meter, which could lead to you winning a fight in a pinch.

Zargala: This force affinity Champion has one of the biggest triple-hitting AoE attacks in the game, and thye’re yours if you seek them out.

Best Sacred Order Champions

best-sacred-order-champions-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

You can pick from nine incredible Champions in the Sacre Order faction. The following is a list of each of them.

Abbess: This is a recently buffed force affinity Champion who can decrease your enemy’s defenses and open them up to heavy attacks from others on your team.

Athel: This Champion is a starter pick and strong to the mid-game. However, her three-to-one hit can’t compete past that point.

Cupidus: This spirit affinity Champion is best when teamed up with Venus, meaning they’ll deal 25% more damage.

Fenax: This spirit affinity Champion can deal a ton of damage but also heal your other Champions. They’re diverse, and that matters a lot when you’re struggling to progress.

Lightsworn: This void affinity Champion is impervious to other affinities and has a brilliant mix of buffs and debuffs that will slowly aid your team and hinder the enemy. Fantastic for passive aggression.

Martyr: This is widely considered one of the best Champions in the game, buffing the entire team and providing them with a counterattack ability that can only help you, regardless of the content you’re playing.

Roshcardthe Tower: this champion has a pretty unique skill in that he’ll shield his entire team for two turns, and they won’t take damage in that time.

Sir Nicholas: This Christmas-themed Champion is one of the best HP Champions in the game. He can shield allies, and provide them with health buffs too.

Venus: This void affinity Champion is extremely versatile, but her talents lie in rebuffing enemies and healing her allies.

Best Skinwalker Champions

best-skinwalkers-in-raid-shadow-legendsImage via Plarium

You’ve only got three decent Skinwalker Champions to pick from. They are as follows.

Khoronar: This void Champion is incredibly powerful in pretty much every way. Alongside Minaya, they can beat anything you throw at them.

Norog: With this magic affinity Champion you can debuff enemies while healing allies. It’s the best balance and helps manage everything you’re up against.

Steelskull: This spirit affinity Champion can be a healer or a poisoner depending on what you need him for. Either way, he’s very useful.

Best Undead Hordes Champions

best-undead-hordes-champions-in-raid-shadow-legendsScreenshot via Raid: Shadow Legends’ YouTube channel

There are eleven Champions that make up the top tier for the Undead Hordes faction. They are as follows.

Bad-el-Kazar: This force affinity Champion has been top tier ever since the game launched. He deals AoE attacks and heals allies, meaning you get the best of both worlds from him.

Bloodgorged: This force affinity Champion can ignore defense, block revives, and has a one-shot attack. Use with caution.

Gorgorab: This magic affinity Champion is great up until the mid-game, providing all sorts of buffs to your team when you need them.

Ma’Shalled: This spirit affinity Champion is a god of the arena. He provides buffs to your team while dampening the speed of enemies, ending in a rush finish that’s not very pretty.

Nethril: This spirit affinity Champion is strong in all dungeons and has an AoE attack that allows them to control the entire battlefield. Buffs and debuffs abound, and it makes life so much easier.

Rotos the Lost Groom: This Champion is a tank that’s perfect for bosses. They were added as part of an event, but they’ve been relevant ever since and don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Saito: This magic affinity Champion is a hard hitter and that’s about it. However, they were made by content creators, and as such, they have power and won’t be leaving the game anytime soon. Make the most of that.

Seeker: This magic affinity Champion is the strongest turn meter booster in the game. He’s so fast that he gets an extra turn, which is incredible in tough fights.

Siphithe Lost Bride: This is hands down the best Champion in the game. She can revive Champions with a full turn meter and provide them with all sorts of buffs. There are no limits with her.

Skartosis: This Champion provides a 50% boost up to the mid-game and will boost you through the early part of Raid: Shadow Legends so you can start getting into the nitty-gritty stuff, where the true hardcore players are.

Suzerain Katonn: This spirit affinity Champion is an arena specialist that can remove all enemy buffs with no accuracy required.