Horizon Forbidden West is filled with collectibles for you to gather in your time uncovering Aloy’s story. However, with a world so massive, getting all of these collectibles is incredibly difficult. This guide outlines the location of all Greenshine Stone Slabs in Horizon Forbidden West, so you can pick them all up and buy every upgrade in the game.

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Where do you find Greenshine Stone Slabs?

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Greenshine Stone Slabs are dotted around every inch of Horizon Forbidden West’s map. While there are some locations such as Sunken Cavens, Metal Flowers, and Firegleam that generally hide a Greenshine Stone Slab, you’ll find more in hard to reach places as you explore.

All Greenshine Stone Slab locations

This list contains the location of every Greenshine Stone Slab in the game. We’ve split them up by region to make them easier to track. We’ve included map references for each one to help you find them.

All Greenshine Stone Slab locations in The Daunt

the-daunt-1-greenshine-stoen-slab-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

1. The first Greenshine Stone Slab is in a bunch of rocks next to the wooden bridge you cross at the start of the game.

the-daunt-2-greenshine-stoen-slab-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

2. The second Greenshine Stone Slab is in the Daunt East Sunken Cavern.

the-daunt-3-greenshine-stoen-slab-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

3. This third collectible is in the rocks behind the wooden structure near the Burrower Site shown above.

the-daunt-4-greenshine-stoen-slab-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

4. The fourth one is in the Daunt West Sunken Cavern.

the-daunt-5-greenshine-stoen-slab-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

5. The fifth Greenshine Stone Slab is located at the top of the tower that you climb for the Twilight Path mission. This is the mission where the religious leader dies atop the cliff while his followers await his vision.

the-daunt-6-greenshine-stoen-slab-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

6. The sixth item you can collect is in the location shown above at the water’s edge against the cliffside to the east.

the-daunt-7-greenshine-stoen-slab-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

7. The final Greenshine Stone Slab in the Daunt is at the location shown above. It’s behind some loose rocks that Aloy can pry open as you get close to them.

All Greenshine Stone Slab locations in No Man’s Land and Plainsong

no-mans-land-plainsong-1-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

1. The first Greenshine Stone Slab across No Man’s Land and Plainsong is located inside the cavernous Rebel Camp as you enter the area. It’s hidden at the back, so you may miss it when you clear it. Check the map reference above for the exact location once you’re inside the camp.

no-mans-land-plainsong-2-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

2. This one is in the No Man’s Land Relic Ruins.

no-mans-land-plainsong-3-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

3. You’ll find this one inside a sunken plane in the water towards the bottom of the map.

no-mans-land-plainsong-4-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

4. Back at the entrance to the region, you’ll find more Greenshine Stone Slabs behind some Firegleam across the way from a wooden gantry.

base-map-reference-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

5. This one is found during your mission in the base to locate Minerva.

no-mans-land-plainsong-5-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

6. You can find this one underneath one of the stalled Faro machines.

no-mans-land-plainsong-6-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

7. This one is behind some Firegleam.

no-mans-land-plainsong-7-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

8. Look between the two pots by the campfire for this one.

no-mans-land-plainsong-8-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

9. This one is behind under a stone arch. Watch out for the machine that will ambush you as you enter.

no-mans-land-plainsong-9-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

10. This one is located in The Drumroot, you’ll find it as part of the Roots That Bind mission.

no-mans-land-plainsong-10-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

11. The eleventh is located close to a tree near a bridge.

no-mans-land-plainsong-11-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

12. This one is secreted in some rocks close to the Vist Point Tower.

no-mans-land-plainsong-12-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

13. You can locate this one underneath a destroyed machine in the shallow water. You’ll need to clear some debris to access it.

no-mans-land-plainsong-13-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

14. Grab this one from the Restless Weald Relic Ruins.

no-mans-land-plainsong-14-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

15. Find this one in the Restless Weald Sunken Cavern.

no-mans-land-plainsong-15-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

16. The next one is located on the wing of a crashed plane close to the nearby Shelter.

no-mans-land-plainsong-16-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

17. Some more Firegleam up here on the map hides more of the collectibles you seek.

no-mans-land-plainsong-17-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

18. A Metal Flower at the top of the map here hides yet more items for you to find.

no-mans-land-plainsong-18-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

19. At this marked location is a waterfall. Climb up to the waterfall and follow the path to find more Greenshine Stone Slabs.

no-mans-land-plainsong-19-greenshine-stone-slabs-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

20. This last one is inside the Drowned Gullet Sunken Cavern.

All Greenshine Stone Slab locations in The Still Sands and Shining Wastes

te-stillsands-shining-wastes-1-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

1. The Shining Wastes Sunken Cavern is your first source of these valuable items in these regions.

te-stillsands-shining-wastes-2-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

2. This one is found as part of the Sea of Sand main story mission.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-3-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

3. As part of the finale of the Signal Spike mission, you’ll encounter this location where there are a few Greenshine Stone Slabs to grab.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-4-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

4. There’s some Greenshine for you to pick up in the middle of the location this Tallneck patrols.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-5-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

5. The Sunken Cavern in The Gouge hides a few of these items.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-6-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

6. There’s a rock near some plane wreckage around this Thunderjaw site where you’ll find some more Greenshine.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-7-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

7. Look in this location to find some Greenshine nestled inside the base of a stone arch.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-8]-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

8. This Greenshine is in a tiny anyone you explore during the Lofty Ambitions quest.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-9-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

9. This lake at the top of the map hides a couple of pieces of Greenshine.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-10-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

10. Check this area close to the Rockbreaker to find some more Greeenshine on a rocky outcrop in the middle of the sand.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-11-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

11. A building in the location marked above hides some Greenshine, but you’ll need to destroy the Metal Flower there first.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-12-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

12. This campfire where you can get Contracts also has a small piece of Greenshine nearby.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-13-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

13. Scan the buildings half covered in the sand here to find some more Greenshine in one of them.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-14-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

14. Scan the cart at this location to find a path that will lead you to some Greenshine. There are a couple of machines in your way though, so come ready for a fight.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-15-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

15. There’s some Greenshine in the trees near this campfire. Watch out for the nearby machine site if you want to avoid combat.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-16-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

16. There’s a gap in the canyon here. Climb up and follow the path upwards until you come across some Greenshine.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-17-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

17. Pry apart the loose stones in the cliff here to get some more Greenshine.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-18-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

18. Get to the edge of the map and climb the cliffs for some more Greenshine. This is easier with a Sunwing mount.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-19-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

19. Look for a concrete slab with a Pullcaster point on the ground. Pull out that metal and you’ll find some more Greenshine.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-20-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

20. This is another Thunderjaw site with some Greenshine. It’s underneath the large rock that sticks out of the surrounding ground closest to the machine.

the-stillsands-shining-wastes-21-greenshine-stoen-slab-loactions-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

21. Check this location for another building slowly being covered in sand that has some more Greenshine inside.

All Greenshine Stone Slab locations in The Isle of Spires and Long Coast

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-1-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

1. The Runner’s Wild Relic Ruin hides the first Greenshine in these regions.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-2-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

2. This Shelter has a huge chunk of Greenshine next to it.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-3-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

3. One of the torches along the path here has some Greenshine beneath it.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-4-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

4. Follow the water from the Cauldron all the way to the right. Under the surface where it meets the rocks, you’ll find some Greenshine.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-5-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

5. You’ll find Greenshine behind Firegleam at this location.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-6-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

6. The Sunken Cavern in Sheerside Mountains has yet more Greenshine inside.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-7-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

7. Check out The Long Coast Relic Ruins for even more Greenshine.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-8-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

8. Look for more Firegleam in the mountains for this Greenshine.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-9-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

9. Discover even more Greenshine in the mountains towards the top of the map.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-10-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

10. The incredibly tough Rebel Outpost up here on the map has some Greenshine, but it’s guarded by patrols and machines.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-11-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

11. Break through the Firegleam here on the map for more Greenshine.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-12-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

12. You can find a Metal Flower on the map here. Destroy it to get the Greenshine in the hidden tunnel entrance.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-13-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

13. The Sunken Cavern in The Raintrace is great for some Greenshine.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-14-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

14. Another Sunken Cavern to scavenge Greenshine from, this time in the Cliffs of the City.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-15-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

15. Fly to the top of the skyscraper near this settlement to see some Greenshine and a dead Sunwing. Another nearby skyscraper has a Metal Flower inside with even more Greenshine.

isle-of-spires-and-long-coast-16-greenshine-stone-slab-locations-horizon-forbidden-westScreenshot by Gamepur

16. This deadly Dreadwing site is shaped like a circle. In the center is some Greenshine.