Fallout 4 is one of the biggest and most diverse open-world RPGs in recent times and it is filled with all sorts of collectibles. The game has three different kinds of collectibles: Vault-Tec Bobbleheads, Perk Books and Magazines, and Holotapes. In this comprehensive and detailed guide, we will list all of them along with their locations. For convenience, we are not including collectibles found via the Creation Club and cut content.

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Vault-Tec Bobblehead Locations


On the edge of the bow of the FMS North Star Shipwreck

Inside the metal hut at the upper section of the main cannery room at Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery

Big Guns
On the top of a radio in the northern-most room in the living quarters at Vault 95

On Jack Parson’s office desk at Parsons State Insane Asylum

On a metal desk near the metal catwalk at Poseidon’s Energy

Energy Weapons
In the Fort Hagen Command Center kitchen, between two refrigerators

On top of a control panel on the second-level catwalk at Saugus Ironworks

In the northwest corner of the Boston Public Library, in a mechanical room

Lock Picking
Between two pillars in the tunnel chamber at Pickman’s Gallery

Inside a locker on the second deck of a green tugboat, located at the southern end of Spectacle Island

In Curie’s Office at Vault 81

Top of the Trinity Tower, in the cage where Rex and Strong are kept

On the desk on the second floor at the Museum of Freedom, where the Sole Survivor meets Preston Garvey and some civilians for the first time

Southwest roof section of Corvega Assembly Plant, at the end of the top exterior gantry

On the third level basement area of Maiden Middle School (Vault 75), on a desk overlooking a dining area

Small Guns
On a desk on the first floor, west side of Gunners Plaza

On a metal table beside a terminal at Dunwich Borers

On the desk at the Overseer’s office at Park Street Station (Vault 114)

On top of the sculpture at the lobby desk at Mass Fusion

On the hood of a rusty car at Atom Cats Garage

Perk Magazine Locations

Astoundingly Awesome Tales


#4, Invasion of the Zetans
In the film studio on the top floor of Hubris Comics, situated on a table

#4, Rise of the Mutants!
On the lectern, the east side of Trinity Church

#4, The Mad Russian’s Revenge

In the tunnel chamber at Pickman’s Gallery

#6, Attack Of The Fishmen
On the restroom toilet in Skylanes Flight 1981

#8, The Man Who Could Stop Time

On a container in the living quarters of Vault 114

#10, Giant Insects Invade
On the console in the control room of the Sentinel site

#12, Have Dog, Will Travel!
On a balcony, north of the atrium in the Institute

#12, Rise of the Radiated
On the desk of a computer room in East Boston Preparatory School

#13, Curse of the Burned!
On the second floor of Mother Isolde’s shack at the Crater of Atom

Attack of the Metal Men
On an armored workbench near Bedlam’s terminal in Dunwich Borers

Deep Sea Terror! “Sinister Seafood Strikes!!”
On the Outpost Zimonja workshop

My Brain and I… (A Twisted Love Tale)
On a table near the southwest corner bedroom of the Boston Mayoral Shelter

The Starlet Sniper
Inside a locked cell in the basement of the Coast Guard Pier

When Apes Go Bananas!!! “A Gorilla Ate My Patrol Car!”
On a desk at the west side of the Railroad HQ

Grognak the Barbarian


Blood on the Harp
On a desk in the main warehouse at Wicked Shipping Fleet lockup

Cometh the Trickster
Near the bus and apartment wreckage north of Andrew Station, on a mattress on the top floor

Demon Slaves, Demon Sands
Located in Vault 75 atop the overseer’s office, or Vault 81 as a reward for completing the quest ”Short Stories”

Enter Maula: War Maiden of Mars
In the gazebo at the center, beside a skeleton at Boston Commons

Fatherless Cur!
On the toilet in the gunner camp at Mas Pike Interchange

In the Bosom of the Corsair Queen
In the raider metal hut of Corvega Assembly Plant

In the Lair of the Virgin Eater
On the roof of the raider camp, at Hyde Park

Jungle of the Bat-Babies
On the kitchen table of the Sole Survivor’s house

Lost in the Snows of Lust
On a living room table on the top floor of Back Street Apparel

What Sorcery This?
On a table on the southern part of the top floor at the Museum of Witchcraft

Guns and Bullets


#2, Little Guns For Little Ladies
On the lectern in the stage area at Fraternal Post 115

#4, Street Guns of Detroit
On a table in a room, on the southern side of the second floor at Gunners Plaza

#5, Avoid those Pesky Gun Laws!
On a desk in the bunker at Rook Family House

#5, Guide to hunting Commies!
On a desk on the top floor at Ticonderoga Safehouse

#7, Take Aim, Army Style
On a metal desk at the South Boston Military Checkpoint

#8, Bear Proofing Your Campsite:…
In a safe at Cambridge Police Station

#8, Plasma – The Weapon of Tomorrow
On the radio operator’s desk in the middle of The Castle

#10, The Future of Hunting?
On a desk in a room, on the western side of the BADTFL regional building

Lasers & Hunting: Acceptable Overkill
On a table on the southeast side of the top floor of Fort Hagen

Hot Rodder Locations


#1 Flame Job!
On a desk inside the Robotic Disposal Ground building

#2 Shark Paint Schemes!
On the bedside of Zeke’s trailer at Atom Cats Garage

#3 Hot Pink!
By the bed on the top floor of Milton Parking Garage

Islander’s Alamanac (Far Harbor) Locations


Children of Atom Exposé
On Dejen’s counter in Acadia

Far Harbor Sightseer’s Guide
On a table in The Last Plank at Far Harbor

Pincer Dodge
Inside a shack of the Northwood Ridge Quarry

Precision Hunting
Top of Brook’s Head Lighthouse

Recipe Roundup
In the gift shop of the National Park’s Visitor’s Center

La Coiffe


#1 Megaton Hair
On the upper floor of Fallon’s Department Store

#2 The Hornet’s Nest
Inside Charlestown laundry, southeast of Bunker Hill

Live and Love


#1, Fabulous 1st Issue: Life Long Best Friends!
In the attic at Faneuil Hall

#4, Advice From Married Men
Inside the Third Rail restroom

#5, Beware The Man Handler
At the top of the monument of Bunker Hill

#6, An Experience to Remember
On the bar counter at Hotel Rexford

#9, I Married a Robot!
On the ground floor of the Diamond City Schoolhouse

#10, Nuke-The-Man!
Inside a safe behind the counter at the entrance of College Square Station

#12, The Secretary Charmer
Inside a trailer with a motorcycle leaning on it at Fiddler’s Green Trailer

#12, Trim the Fat
On a table in the WRVR broadcast station

#14, Talk Yourself Sober
By the cooking pot on the upper floor of Revere Beach station

Massachusetts Surgical Journal


#3, Happy Sedation Special
Behind the security door, near the safe at Sandy Coves Convalescent Home

#5, Better Living Through Chems
Inside the top floor bedroom, the east side of the Cabot House

#8, Cryo-Technology: Haven or Tomb!
In a room that is accessed via a terminal at Greater Mass Blood Clinic

#9, Raised by Robots
Beside a broken terminal on the lower floor of Med-Tek Research

#13, Finding Your Funny Bone
In the book return terminal at Boston public library, purchased with 50 tokens via the terminal

#13, Pay Now, Get Better Later!!
In a long room on the third floor, on the northern side of Greentech Genetics

#15, Scars Are Cool
In the Director’s room above the reception area in Cambridge Polymer Labs

#16, ER Nurses Confess All
In the filing and storage room on the second floor of Medford Memorial Hospital

#16, Let’s Play Doctor!
Inside Lorenzo Cabot’s quarters under Parsons State Insane Asylum

Picket Fences


#1, The House of Tomorrow…Today!
On the floor of the foreman’s concrete room guarded by Tower Tom in Beantown Brewery

#2, Modern Hearth!
In the upper floor office in the center of the Hardware Town building

#3, Essential Upgrades!
In the Blast Furnace area of Saugus Ironworks

#4, Modern Lawn Care!
On a table near the bar at the Combat Zone

#5, Welcome Home!
In the office overlooking the generator room at Weston Water Treatment Plane

RobCo Fun


#01 Atomic Command
On a desk on the second floor at the Museum of Freedom, where the Sole Survivor meets Preston Garvey and some civilians for the first time

#07 Zeta Invaders
On a desk inside Valentine’s Detective Agency

#08 Pipfall
In the Fort Hagen Command Center, where the Sole Survivor speaks to Kellogg for the first time

#12 Grognak & the Ruby Ruins
In Dr. Amari’s room at the Memory Den, at a distant corner

SCAV! (Nuka-World)


#1, The Terrible Truce
On a crate behind the Starpot Nuka in the Galactic Zone

#2, Fear the Knife King
On the top floor of a barn outside the Nuka-world Junkyard

#3, Mutant Fists of Stephie Knuckles
In the hypno halls of the Fun House inside Kiddie Kingdom, beside a dead raider

#4, Nuka Brahmin Stampede!
Inside a box on the way to the attic of Grandchester Mystery Mansion

#5, That No-Caps Rage
On the roof of the Dry Rock Gulch employee area building

Taboo Tattoos


#1, 13
In a locked room inside Mass Pike Tunnel

#2, Anchor
In a metal caravan on the edge of Thicket Excavations

#10, Eagle’s Nest
In the scavenger’s sleeping area within the Concord Civic area of the town of Concord

#12, Skulls Are Hip!!
On a table inside of a docked ship in the Irish Pride Industries Shipyard

#16, Sailor
Inside the barber’s shop of Vault 81

Tales of a Juntown Jerky Vendor


Benefits of Child Labor
Inside the metal hut at the upper section of the main cannery room at Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery

Capitalism & You
In the basement locker room, on the west side of the Four Leaf fishpacking plant

How to Run a Successful Vendor Stand
Inside the caravan atop the containers at Big John’s Salvage

Suit Up & Succeed
On the upper level, the northern side of the Wreck of the FMS North Star

Take Your Business on the Road
On a table, north of the main entrance of Mystic Pines

The Art of Haggling
On a magazine stand on the northwest side of Super Duper Mart

The Joy of Wealth
In an office on the upper level of Gwinnett Brewery

Why I Sold My Mother
Inside the pipe tunnel interior of Walden pond, on a barrel

Tesla Science Magazine


#3, Rocket Science for Toddlers
On the fridge inside Virgil’s lab at Rocky cave

#5, Future of Warfare?
On a bench in the kitchen of the Reeb Marina warehouse

#5, Giant Super Weapons!
On the computer bank on the ninth floor of Mass Fusion

#9, Tomorrow’s technology for today’s Super Soldiers. Blast Off To Adventure!
On a table on the lowest floor of Mahkra Fishpacking, in front of a mattress

#10 Number 1 Hits!!! Rock-o-bot Takes the Nation by Storm!!
On a metal desk near the metal catwalk at Poseidon’s Energy

Geckos and Gamma Radiation – The Key to Prolonged Life?
On the northern computer room on the top floor of Sedgwick Hall

U.S. Army Goes To Space
On the first floor of the weaponization research lab at HalluciGen, Inc

What is Plasma, Anyway?
Inside an office on the second floor of General Atomics Factory

Will Robots Rule the World?
In the CEO’s office on the second floor of ArcJet Systems

Total Hack


#1 Control Robots
On the terminal desk of the basement server room of Wattz Consumer Electronics

#2 Control Spotlights
Held by a mannequin in the game room inside the Shamrock Taphouse

#3 Control Turrets
Under a tree in the center of the Wildwood Cemetery

Tumblers Today


#1, Bobby Pins – More Effective Than Lockpicks?
In the commentator’s area of the East City Downs racetrack

#2, Confessions of a Housebreaker
Inside the cell area of the Fell Street sewers

#3, Open Any Lock in 5 Seconds Flat
On the northern end of the eastern platform of West Roxbury station

#4, Locksmith Certification Special – Pass With Flying Colors
Inside a red freight train car, in the deepest part of Malden Center

#5, Mysteries of the Master Key Exposed!
Inside a room in the northwest corner of Poseidon Energy Turbine 18-F

U.S. Covert Operations Manual


FH 5-01, Whistling in the Dark
In an office on the second floor of The Switchboard, west of Lexington

FH 5-02, Urban Camouflage
Inside the captain’s cabin of the USS Constitution

FH 5-03, Facepaint Fundamentals
On a table in Red Tourette’s room inside the Federal ration stockpile interior

FH 5-04, Not the Soldiers You’re Looking For
On a computer bank in the Federal Surveillance Center K-21B, under the Abandoned Shack

FH 5-05, Who Goes There?
On General Brock’s desk on the first floor of Fort Strong

FH 5-06, Squeaky Floorboard, Sudden Death
On a table east of the armor inside Fort Hagen Command Center

FH 5-07, Bushes, Boxes, and Beehives Camouflage Special
By the red chair and oil lamp on the main shanty ship at Libertalia

FH 5-08, Getting the Drop on Communists
On a table in the cafeteria of the National Guard Training Yard

FH 5-09, Look Better in Black
In a shanty hut atop the central satellite support at Revere Satellite Array

FH 5-10, Tiptoe Through the Tulips
Inside the computer room of the USAF Satellite Station Olivia



Commie-Kazi VS. Manta Man
In the shack in the middle of the lake at Westing Estate

Dr. Brainwash and His Army of De-Capitalists!
In the library office on the ground floor at Shaw High School

Trapped In The Dimension Of The Pterror-Dactyls!

In the library on the second floor at Suffolk County Charter School

Visit the Ux-Ron Galaxy!!
On the counter at Hubris Comics

Who Can Stop The Unstoppable Grog-Na-Rok?!
On a table near the basement swimming pool at D.B. Technical High School

Wasteland Survival Guide


#1, Farming The Wastes
Inside the Wreck of the USS Riptide

#2, Insect Repellent Special
On a table, on the western side of the Crater House

#3, The Bright Side of Radiation Poisoning
On the counter of the diner at Egrets Tour Marina

#4, The Scrapyard Home Decoration Guide
Inside the main shack at Lynn Woods

#5, Guide To Diamond City
In the underground bunker at Gorski Cabin

#6, Commonwealth Coupon Spectacular
On a desk on the ground floor of the Nahant Oceanological Society

#7, Water Aerobics for Ghouls
By the cooking pot station at Old Gullet sinkhole

#8, Self-Defense Secrets
On a sideboard table in the Ranger Cabin

#9, Hunting in the Wastes
In a locked cabin near the silos at Sunshine Tidings co-op



Near Shaun’s Crib in the Sole Survivor’s home

Holotape Locations

Base Game


4n1m4L’s test logs
Robotic terminal in the Insitute public works maintenance arena

A toast
Boylston Club terminal

Advanced system notes
Dr. Li’s apartment and terminal in the Insitute

Arlen’s manifesto
In a trashcan at Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ

Augusta report
During the mission ”Butcher’s Bill”

Baker’s holotape
Quincy police station terminal

Battlefield holotape
On Knight Varham’s body during the mission ”The Lost Patrol”

Bedford Station recording
Bedford stationmaster terminal

Blackbird report
During the mission ”Butcher’s Bill 2”

Bonnie’s holotape
The ninth floor of the Mass Bay Medical Center

Brian Virgil personal log 0176
In the FEV lab of the Institute

Captain Dunleavy’s holotape
In the console room of the Sentinel site

Carl’s log
On Carl Everett’s body in Jamaica Plain

Cats poetry night tapes
In the bus home, bar counter, and room at the gas station in the Atom Cats garage

Control subject’s recordings
In an abandoned house, south of Bunker Hill

Courser chip data
Given by Tinker Tom during the mission ”The Molecular Level”

Cruz’s holotape
On Cruz’s body at Gunners plaza

David’s holotape
Backyard bunker terminal at West Everett Estates

Dear detective tapes
All are in the Fens Street sewer

Det. McDonnell’s holotape
Caravan at Boston police Station rationing site

Det. Perry’s holotape
Storage room of Mass Pike tunnel

Eddie Winter holotape 0
The basement of the BADTFL regional office

Eddie Winter holotape 1
Given by Nick Valentine

Eddie Winter holotape 2
The second floor of Maiden Center

Eddie Winter holotape 3
In a locker at Quincy Police Station

Eddie Winter holotape 4
On the ground floor of the Natick Police Department

Eddie Winter holotape 5
On the second floor of Nahant Sherrif’s Department

Eddie Winter holotape 6
On the second floor of East Boston Police Station

Eddie Winter holotape 7
 On the second floor of the South Boston Police Department

Eddie Winter holotape 8
Far-right on the entrance of Police Precinct 8

Eddie Winter holotape 9
On the second floor of Coast Guard Pier

Find the Silver Shroud
On Northy, one of the Silver Shroud’s victims

Goodbye from H2-22
In the Memory Den during the mission ”Memory Interrupted”

Griswold’s poetry collection
In Griswold’s terminal on the third floor of Monsignor Plaza

Gwinnett ale brewing subroutines
In the Colonial Taphouse

Gwinnett brew recipe
On Tower Tom’s desk at Beantown brewery

Gwinnett lager recipe
In the Shamrock Taphouse

Gwinnett pils recipe
In the Third Rail

Hammer’s holotape
At West Everett Estates

Jake’s holotape
On Jake Finch at Saugus Ironworks

Join the Railroad
Various locations include Goodneighbor, Hotel Rexford, Fallon’s basement, Covenant, and more.

Ken’s invitation
On Ken Standish’s body at Jamaica Plain

Knight Astlin’s holotape
On knight Astlin’s body at the National Guard training yard

Marlene’s holotape
Inside Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ

Marty Bullfinch’s holotape
Inside Valentine’s Detective Agency

Network scanner
Given by Sturges, Proctor Ingram, or Desdemona depending on allegiance

Operation Winter’s End
At Cambridge Police Station

P.A.M. decryption program
Given by Lancer Captain Kells

Paladin Brandis’ holotape
In Recon bunker Theta during the mission ”The Lost Patrol”

Private Hart’s holotape
On Private Hart’s body in the Museum of Witchcraft

Private Murnahan’s holotape
On the ground floor of Fort Strong

Quinlan to be deleted
Behind Proctor Quinlan’s desk in the Prydwen

Randolph station updates
Randomly marked mailboxes

Runaway’s holotape
In the ranger cabin

Ryder’s holotape
On Ryder’s body at Gunners Plaza

Sal’s holotape
On Sal’s body at Jamaica Plain’s town hall

Scribe Faris’ holotape
On Scribe Faris’ body at Revere satellite array during the mission ”The Last Patrol”

Sgt.Lee’s holotape
On Sgt. Lee’s body at the Museum of Witchcraft

Sgt. Reise’s holotape
On Sgt. Reise’s body inside Mass Pike Tunnel

Shaun’s holotape
Recorded by the Sole Survivor, dependent on the game ending

Silver Shroud script
At Hubris Comics

Skylanes Flight 1665 final transmission
The cockpit of Skylanes Flight 1665

Skylanes Flight 1981 recording
The cockpit of Skylanes Flight 1981

Spotlight override program
In the Shamrock Taphouse

Stockton’s holotape
In a mailbox southwest of Bunker Hill

Subject 12 baseline
In the compound in Covenant

Subject 12 debrief
In the compound in Covenant

Subject 12 testing
In a torture chamber in the compound in Covenant

Sully’s journal
Thicket Excavations terminal

Sylvia’s holotape
In a toolbox at University Point

Tessa’s holotape
On Baker at Quincy Police Station

The Bugle repertoire
On ‘Ol Rusty’s body at the East City Downs

The New Squirrel tapes
At Fiddler’s Green Estates

The Treasures of Jamaica Plain
In the treasure exhibit of Jamaica Plain

To Claire
Beside Eddie Winter’s bunker at Andrew Station

Treasures inventory
In the treasure exhibit of Jamaica Plain

University Point council meeting
Mayor’s terminal at University Point

Vault 114 interviews
On the desk at the Overseer’s office at Park Street Station (Vault 114)

We are done
Inside BADTFL regional office

Welcome home!
Given by Nick Valentine after earning his trust

Wes’ holotape
In Gunners Plaza

Wicked business
Inside Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup

Your new assignment
On the Prydwen



In the Rust Devil terminal at Fort Hagen hangar

Chief Scientist’s holotape
In the brain extraction dept. of the Mechanist’s lair

Facilities director’s holotape
In the facilities management terminal of the Mechanist’s lair

Jackson’s holotape
On Jackson’s body during the mission ”Mechanical Menace”

Jezebel interview
At Fort Hagen Hangar

Lead engineer’s holotape
In the lead engineer’s terminal of the Mechanist’s lair

Mechanist holotapes
On the cybermech eyebots

Mechanist’s log
In the Mechanist’s bedroom at the Mechanist’s lair

Zoe’s diary
On Zoe’s body during the mission ”Mechanical Menace”


An execution
At the pump control

Chores list
On a table at Haddock Cove

DiMA’s memory
Gained during the mission ”Best Left Forgotten”

Family announcement
At Haddock’s Cove

Gwyneth’s journal
In a house at Kawaketak Station

Husky family holotape
In a trunk at Haddock Cove

Kasumi’s projects
Various locations in the Nakano residence

Levi’s holotape
In the second-floor terminal at Echo Lake Lumber

Mark Wilson’s holotape
in the Beaver Creek Lanes terminal

Martin’s New Age
Given by DiMA during the quest ”Reformation”

Mysterious holotape
On the trapper leader Douglas at Brooke’s Head Lighthouse during the mission ”Blood Tide”

Safe room security tape
In the safe room terminal at Harbor Grand Hotel

To Franny
In the safe room at Harbor Grand Hotel

Vault 118 overseer’s log
In the overseer’s terminal at Vault 118

What Atom Requires
At the pump control, on a table

What’s Done is Done
In the Vim! factory basement during the mission ”The Way The Life Should Be”



A.F.A.D. interrogation
In a duffle bag behind the fusion reactor at the Angry Anaconda in the Safari Adventure.

A.F.A.D. manifesto
In a duffle bag in the Welcome Center in the Safari Adventure

Buzz’s holotape
On a table in the Nuka-town backstage

Caleb’s personal log
In an open locker at Dry Rock Gulch theater

Corporal Downey’s report
On a table in the bottling area of the World of Refreshment

Dixie’s souvenir
In a wooden shack at Fizztop Mountain

Dr. McDermot’s journals
Given by Cito and found in the Welcome Center

Emerson’s holotape
In the Galactic Zone, beside a stand outside Nuka-Galaxy

For Deke
In Clarke’s toolbox in a restroom, west of the pond of Fizztop Mountain

General Braxton’s visit
Inside Caleb Bradberton’s office

Hidden Cappy contest hints
On Sierra Petrovita

Ian’s holotape
on Ian’s body in the Nuka-World maintenance shed

Jesse’s personal log
In a safe at Dry Rock Gulch theater

Kristy’s holotape
At a bandit’s roundup, left of Mad Mulligan’s Minecart Coaster

Maggy, it’s your mother
Next to Mags Black’s terminal at The Parlor

Mark’s log
At Starpot Nuka

Meacham recordings
In the Secure beverageer lab

Mother, it’s Mags
Next to Mags Black’s terminal at The Parlor

N.I.R.A.’s holotape
At the Fizztop Grille’s patio

Nisha’s holotapes
On Nisha

Nuka-Cola Clear 
Inside Caleb Bradberton’s office

Nuka-Cola recording
Randomly dropped by any Nuka-Cola eyebot

Nuka-World paramedic report
On the infirmary center’s reception desk at Nuka-Town USA

Personal log
On Pvt. Tyler’s body in the Nuka-World access tunnels

Persuasion test eight
In the Parlor,

Project consumer guidance
In Vault-Tec: Among the Stars

Rachel’s holotape
On Rachel Watkin’s body at Bradberton

Recon log
On Sgt. Marck’s body in the Nuka-World access tunnels

Stinking Operators
On a table in the Nuka-town backstage

The Test
On Weylan’s body in a random encounter

Tiana’s log
On Tiana Alston’s body outside the Galactic Zone

You go tell Mason
On a table in the Nuka-town backstage